For about 20 years I was a Freeform American Roots DJ on a college/community radio station in San Antonio. The show was Third Coast Music Network, which started as “Joe X By God Horn’s World Famous Texas Music Show” Sunday nights on KSYM-FM. I discovered it as it expanded to drive-time, then was a fan, then made their website (hence “Webmonster”), then became the Friday drive-time DJ. I moved back and forth on I-35, but kept up with the site and occasional shifts as I could.

The music was Texas Rock and Roll (Doug Sahm), Cajun, Zydeco, Blues (Country and Electric), Honky tonk, Country & Western, Americana, Cow Punk, Singer/Songwriter, etc. etc. I got exposed to a lot…oddly picked up bluegrass/old-time banjo more recently, though I did expose listeners to a bunch of Scruggs in my latter shows..

Freeform meant no set playlist. Often I wouldn’t know what to play next as a song was finishing up and it took ~10 sec to cue up the CD, which was the fun part. Stringing together a chain of songs on a common theme, like chicken, monkeys, trains, rain, or the genius of Ralph Mooney… was the challenge. 4 hours went by fast.

Anyway, when I moved from the old TCMN server I brought along a bunch of recorded shows to stream. Enjoy.

Music for Shut-ins

One thought on “Music for Shut-ins

  • August 26, 2020 at 9:58 AM

    Paul, this is so great! I have been looking for good pre-made playlists to play while working from home. This hits the spot!


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